School rules and Regulations

            The role of education is to develop the total human person spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and creatively.  This can be fostered if each child is provided with scholastic and creative opportunities designed for his/her individual talents.  Each child must be encouraged to think freely and reason independently.  There is a close connection between discipline and achievement.  Academic achievement demands self-control on the part of the students, mutual respect and co-operation on the part of the teachers and students and an atmosphere that is orderly, purposeful and peaceful.

  1. As a member of Infant Jesus English Medium family, a student is expected to conduct himself/herself in a manner that is responsible and respectful of persons and property of others.
  2. The school hours are from 9:30 am to 4:40 pm. There is a warning bell t 9:15 in the morning. Those students who come prior to the warning bell are expected to be in the designated areas studying.  First bell is at 9:25 and second bell at 9:35.  Students are expected to be in their classes before the second bell.  Morning-prayer is at 9:40am.  No student should be seen wandering along the verandas.  They are not allowed to enter other class rooms without permission.  Students are expected to keep strict silence after the first bell.
  3. The school assembly will be conducted on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and on special occasions. Students should go to the assembly silently and in an orderly fashion.  Silence must be observed in verandas while moving from one class to another.
  4. Students are expected to bring their school diary every day.
  5. Care must be taken of the school property and students should not damage things that belong to the school or others. Any damage caused should be reported and they are expected to compensate for the same.
  6. Students are forbidden to write or make any mark on the walls or any part of the school building or furniture or to throw paper about or spill ink on the floor of the classrooms.
  7. All text books and note books should be covered and all materials including their umbrellas and lunch boxes should have their names written on them.
  8. Students are responsible for keeping their class rooms neat and clean. Personal cleanliness as well as respectful behaviour towards the staff, visitors and fellow students is expected at all times. The character certificate issued to the students when leaving the school will depend entirely on their behaviour during the school carrier.
  9. Each student is responsible for the safe-keeping of his/her belongings. Students are not allowed to bring valuable items or too much money  to the school other than what is needed for the bus fare and paying the school fees.
  10. Magazines, news-papers or books other than school books should not be brought to school without the permission of the Headmistress. Parcels and letters are subject to inspection.
  11. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phone into ,the School campus. Any violation of this rule will result in the authorities confiscating the same.  Bringing  CD's, memory cards etc. Are also strictly forbidden.
  12. Infant Jesus School is a Catholic school. While catering to the academic and intellectual needs of its students, the school also fosters their moral and spiritual growth as well.  Students are expected to attend the moral instructions classes and Catholic children, the catechism classes. There will be Holy Mass once a month and special devotion to the Blessed mother during the month of October.  All the children in LP classes are expected to be with their class during these special prayers.  The non-Catholic children of the UP and High School classes may study quietly in the designated classes during that time.  Besides, there will be annual retreats and life-guidance classes which all are expected to participate.
  13. English is the medium of instruction and students and teachers are expected to speak in English while in the school campus.
  14. Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Headmistress. They are strictly forbidden to loiter through the bus-stand and do shopping in the morning and after class hours.
  15. A written request from the parent or guardian is needed to allow any student to go home before the school hours are over.
  16. Students should be kept at home if they are really sick. If a student must take any medicine during the school , a signed note from home indicating how the medicine should be taken, should be given to the class teacher.

15.Students are not allowed to wear any gold ornaments.  The girls are allowed to wear very simple gold earrings.(studs only) No  dangling earrings are allowed.   Bangles, whatsoever, is not allowed to be worn.

16.Praents are warmly welcome meet and encouraged to communicate with the respective teachers to discuss their child's progress.  If a parent desires to meet a teacher ahead of time so that he/she will be available.  The second and fourth Fridays are set aside for the parents to meet the teachers.


Wearing school uniform is compulsory on all days and for all school functions.  Students should wear special uniforms on Wednesdays. Parents should get the uniform clothes from the school designated  dealers and should get it stitched in the places and the way it is stitched will not deviate from the way it is decided by the school authorities.  Low waist pants are strictly forbidden for boys and they should wear a belt(black colour) on regular days.  On wednesdays, children should wear the belt that comes with the uniforms.  The girl's skirt should be long enough to be three inches below their knee. Short hair must be pinned neatly and long hair must be plaited and tied with ribbon Girls who have cropped hair must wear a black hair band with rose ribbon on both sides.  Muslim girl in the UP and High School sections may wear a white shawl to cover their hand .


 Our aim is to make the children to work to their highest potential.  Students of this institution should maintain at  least 50% marks in each subject.  Evaluation of the academic performance will be based on the tests and examinations conducted and assignments and projects allotted from time to time .

Parents are requested to sign the test paper books and send them back to the respective teachers.  It is highly recommended that the parents check the test paper books and the notebooks on a regular basis

Leave of Absence

Students must be regular and punctual for classes and other school functions.  Every absence, regardless of the cause, requires a written excuse stating the reason for absence. I should be enetred briefly in the leave record page of the diary and must signed by the parent or guardian.  The children should get the leave record signed by the class teacher on the day when they return.

In case a student ,is sick and cannot appear for an examination, the parent should immediately inform the Headmistress about it.

For long leave due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted.  An absence of fifteen consecutive working days without leave will result in the removal of the name from the rolls

School Fees

       The tuition fees for the academic year will be collected in three instalments and the special fees with the first term fees. 


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